Sustainable urban infrastructure
Development of eco-park in flood prone areas using green technologies

C.M. Torres Navas; J.C. Musa Wasil; K. Malave Llamas; C. Morales Agrinzoni

Volume 6, Issue 3 , July 2021, , Pages 291-304

  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The destruction of urban areas has caused environmental, social and economic problems. One of these areas was identified in the Municipality of Humacao, on the east coast of Puerto Rico. This land is vast and unused, Fulladosa farm, located in the urban area of the Municipality ...  Read More

Urban and municipalities management
Suitable site selection for urban green space development using geographic information system and remote sensing based on multi criterion analysis

B.A. Hailemariam

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2021, , Pages 97-110

  The study was conducted with the objective of selecting suitable site for urban green space development of Arba Minch town in Ethiopia using geographic information system and remote sensing based multi criterion analysis. To produce suitable site, four parameters were considered, these are slope, land ...  Read More

Urban health, safety and environment (HSE)
Greenhouse gasses emission in the highly urbanized city using GIS- based analysis

S. Arsalan; A. Imran; A. Khawar; F. Imran; Z. Faiz; S.E. Razzaq; S.S. Razzaq

Volume 5, Issue 4 , October 2020, , Pages 353-360

  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: As the population grows on the earth, transport and industrial sector have become the main parameters whose emissions increase pollutants like greenhouse gasses that have a snowballing impact on urban air quality and life in the area. This study aims to analyze the emission ...  Read More

Urban management and public health
Application of remote sensing and geographical information system in mapping land cover of the national park

A. Lemma Tadesse

Volume 5, Issue 2 , April 2020, , Pages 139-152

  The study was conducted with the objective of mapping landscape cover of Nechsar National park in Ethiopia to produce spatially accurate and timely information on land use and changing pattern. Monitoring provides the planners and decision-makers with required information about the current state of its ...  Read More

Urban architecture, design, development and planning
Urban landscape and quality of urban environment by means of geographic information system

B. Shojaeivand

Volume 4, Issue 3 , July 2019, , Pages 239-246

  Quality of urban environment as a subset of quality of life now represents the search for happiness and personal satisfaction in urban environment and is a broad concept which is concerned with the overall well-being in urban environment. The purpose of this study was to investigating the quality of ...  Read More

Human capital in urban management
Land cover land use mapping and change detection analysis using geographic information system and remote sensing

C.E. Akumu; S. Dennis; C. Reddy

Volume 3, Issue 3 , July 2018, , Pages 167-178

  Land cover/land use categories are relevant components in land management. Understanding how land cover/land use change over time is necessary to assess the consequences of humans and natural stressors on the earth’s environment and resources. The aim of the study was to map and monitor the spatial ...  Read More

Urban social and cultural welfare
Potential site selection in ecotourism planning using spatial decision support tool

Z. Nisa

Volume 2, Issue 4 , October 2017, , Pages 251-258

  Northern areas of Pakistan have blessed with extremely beautiful natural landscapes, waterfalls, glaciated mountains, biodiversity rich valleys and forests and have extraordinary potential for ecotourism. Study is designed to propose potential sites for ecotourism in Kohistan, which is a least developed ...  Read More

Urban health, safety and environment (HSE)
Application of multi-criteria decision making to estimate the potential of flooding

M. Eshghizadeh

Volume 2, Issue 3 , July 2017, , Pages 189-202

  Integrating a geographic information system and multi-criteria decision making methods have been lead to provide spatial multi-criteria decision making methods. In this study, the spatial potential of flooding was determined based on analytic network process and analytic hierarchy process. At first, ...  Read More

Urban management and public health
A GIS- Based suitability analysis for siting a solid waste in an urban area

M. Salemi; R. Hejazi

Volume 2, Issue 1 , January 2017, , Pages 57-68

  An appropriate solid waste disposal has been a major problem in municipal environment. The use of landfills is the most economical and environmentally acceptable method for the disposal of solid waste all over the world. The analysis of spatial data and consideration of regulation and accepted criteria ...  Read More