Sustainable urban infrastructure
Investigating the factors affecting landscape adaptation with the heritage of the oil industry to achieve urban sustainability

H. Faramarzi; M. khakzand; M.H. Talebian; M. Masoudinejad

Volume 6, Issue 4 , October 2021, , Pages 413-426

  BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Abadan oil industry in Iran is very significant due to its various valuable layers as a part of national memory and identity. Therefore, to protect and reuse this industrial heritage, the adaptive reuse strategy by means of the landscape is considered. The purpose of this study ...  Read More

Urban architecture, design, development and planning
Assessing the ratio of physical form of slums settlements with social capital

M.R. Allahyari; M. khakzand

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2019, , Pages 269-282

  The social dynamics of cities have long been dependent on their spaces and places. On the one hand, human interactions, and relationships are formed by the city form and on the other hand, the body recovers its identity from existing social life. The more a city can communicate with its citizens through ...  Read More

Urban ecology and related environmental concerns
Spatial distribution of urban green spaces using entropy model and coefficient of dispersion

A.R. Sadeghi; M. Khakzand; M.A. Dehghani

Volume 4, Issue 1 , January 2019, , Pages 23-32

  In the present era, the importance and role of green space in the life and development of cities are to the extent that it is mentioned as one of the indicators of sustainable development. In sustainable urban development, proportional distribution of green space according to the balanced distribution ...  Read More

Urban ecology and related environmental concerns
Environmental planning and management of urban natural landscapes

A.R. Sadeghi; M. Khakzand

Volume 1, Issue 3 , July 2016, , Pages 209-220

  Advantages of urbanization such as access to clean water, health, and overall easier life in cities, as well as the disadvantages or its negative effects on environment cannot be ignored. Today, there are numerous environmental problems due to the reduction in ecologically valuable places within urban ...  Read More

Urban architecture, design, development and planning
How traditional symbols can be used as inspiration source in shaping the urban architecture?

M. Khakzand; S. Babaei

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2016, , Pages 73-82

  This paper explores the developing of how designers can search for inspiration source which provided in the form of traditional elements and archetypes and also their role on idea generation in design from building to urban measure. In order to clarify of this, current study focuses on the Far-East region ...  Read More